Resolution of acute inflammation is an active process orchestrated by endogenous mediators and mechanisms pivotal in host defense and homeostasis. The macrophage mediator in resolving inflammation, maresin 1 (MaR1), is a potent immunoresolvent, stimulating resolution of acute inflammation and organ protection. Using an unbiased screening of greater than 200 GPCRs, we identified MaR1 as a stereoselective activator for human leucine-rich repeat containing G protein–coupled receptor 6 (LGR6), expressed in phagocytes. MaR1 specificity for recombinant human LGR6 activation was established using reporter cells expressing LGR6 and functional impedance sensing. MaR1-specific binding to LGR6 was confirmed using 3H-labeled MaR1. With human and mouse phagocytes, MaR1 (0.01–10 nM) enhanced phagocytosis, efferocytosis, and phosphorylation of a panel of proteins including the ERK and cAMP response element-binding protein. These MaR1 actions were significantly amplified with LGR6 overexpression and diminished by gene silencing in phagocytes. Thus, we provide evidence for MaR1 as an endogenous activator of human LGR6 and a novel role of LGR6 in stimulating MaR1’s key proresolving functions of phagocytes.


Nan Chiang, Stephania Libreros, Paul C. Norris, Xavier de la Rosa, Charles N. Serhan


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